Real Estate What is a Seller’s Disclosure? Why is It Important? Whether you’re about to purchase a home or sell your current home, there is a lot to learn and paperwork to sign. One of these critical documents is called a seller’s disclosure.  A seller’s disclosure is a document sellers legally must provide buyers. According to the Texas Real Estate Commission, the seller’s disclosure is a […]
Local News Fun Things to do in October FUN THINGS TO DO IN OCTOBER IN CENTRAL TEXAS October is unofficially the start of the holiday season and with hopefully cooler temperatures, the options for fun are endless.  If you’re looking for things to do in October, check out the list below. If you hover over the name, it should take you to the […]
Real Estate 5 Homebuying Misconceptions to Avoid It’s common for first-time homebuyers and experienced homeowners to feel overwhelmed by the purchasing process. Plus, myths and misconceptions often make the experience even more confusing.   Myths like: Renting is cheaper than buying.  A credit score of 700 is required to get a loan. You shouldn’t buy in a seller’s market. Have you come […]
Real Estate Understanding Property Taxes in Texas When purchasing property in Texas, be prepared to pay property taxes every year. Since Texas doesn’t have a state income tax (one of only SEVEN states), property taxes are used to support the community, including the community’s infrastructure (roads, public transportation, bridges, etc.), public schools, police, firefighters, and more.  For a quick overview, read on […]
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