Interested in New Construction?

How I Can Help You with Building Your New Home

New construction

Does building a home from the ground up sound appealing yet daunting?  The look, smell, and feel of a newly constructed home may sound exciting, but the steps to the end result may take months to get to your move-in date. If you’re willing to go in this direction, wouldn’t you feel better with someone on your side? Buyer representation is a wise investment when considering new construction, whether the home is built on speculation or wishing to choose your lot, floor plan, and all the upgrades going into the house.

Completing the New Home Construction and Buyer Representation class and working with at least 20 buyers who’ve purchased new construction, I can help navigate this world along with you on your journey.

As your buyer representative, I will:

    • Monitor all transaction details and advise you along the way
    • Look out for your interests. Builders and their representatives do not represent you.
    • Make sure you see the full range of new and existing homes on the market. Builders are not obligated to show you every house they have for sale.
    • Describe the workings of the development process, how it works, and what can go wrong so that you know what to expect.
    • Help you understand how building schedules affect your financial obligations in the construction process.
    • Help you sift through information and speed up decision-making so you don’t lose out on opportunities.
    • Review the builder’s contract with you, alert you when the deal seems one-sided, and advise when legal counsel is needed.
    • Help you plan your move-in and timing for selling your existing home.
    • Alert you to considerations that may not be provided at closing, including title insurance and protection against mechanics’ liens.
    • Obtain as much information as possible on any subdivision you are interested in so you can be more fully informed about specific data.
    • Help you research builders’ reputations and references.
    • Obtain environmental disclosures from the builder and other desired disclosures, such as Megan’s law, pests, pollution, etc.

I’ve purchased a home built on speculation, and I’ve gone through the process of building a home from the ground up, where I picked the lot, floor plan, and chose upgrades, so I have personal experience, too. 

Building a home can be a fun and exciting endeavor; I love the new construction process and would be honored to join you on your journey to a new build.

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